past Exhibition

Our first ever exhibition ran from 11th February to 27th February 2022 and was a dynamic exhibition of works by Tom Gavens and Sarah Skarlicki.

Tom is a mosaic artist who creates art within art and his pieces "Dragon" and "Tree Of Life" (pics 1 & 2) were his two most talked about pieces.  The "Tree Of Life" was snapped up, but we have maintained some pieces for your viewing in the curated section of our gallery at The Stan.  The "Tree Of Life" and "Dragon" are still available as limited edition gift cards exclusively from The Stan Gallery.

Our second exhibition ran from 3rd to 20th March 2022 was a wonderful exhibit by Dr Peter Jonson a selection of some of his favourite beautiful and thought provoking oils on canvas.

Peter has painted since his teenage years and has primarily been interested in landscapes, striving to capture the spirit or soul of each captivating scene as  well as the reality of its physical appearance.  Below are 2 samples of Peter's beautiful work (pics 3 & 4).

Our Third exhibition which started on Thursday 24th March to Saturday 16th April 2022 was truly spectacular.  The most incredible scenic photography by the talented Rick Plumridge together with the equally amazing and creative wood sculptures of Alan Cherry.

See here a sample of Rick's amazing work (pic 1), that was on show at the Stan and we have been truly lucky to retain some of Rick's  pieces for our curated section for your viewing (see more in our shopping cart).   

Alan from Driftwood creations  and a close friend and supporter of the gallery was so impressed by what we had put together as a small independent gallery, openly tells people if they wish to see his work, go to the Stan Gallery exclusively - WOW what an honour and as a result his pieces will continue to be on show at The Stan Gallery. (pic 2)


Our fourth exhibition started on Thursday 21st April to Sunday 8th May was simply stunning and what a privilege it was to host an exhibition for Diana Orinda Burns a teacher and famous print maker of over 30 years from Central Victoria.   Together with Anne-Maree Taylor a student of Diana, that can now easily be considered an amazingly talented print maker in her own right .............presented the Earth and Sky Exhibition.   

This beautifully elegant exhibition of works is where Diana launched her never seen White Shadow Series a truly enlightening journey inspired by the beauty and complexity of her garden see below (pic 3).

In contrast Anne-Maree's pieces are subtle yet eye catching and 4 of her pieces remain in the gallery for viewing pleasure and of course for sale see our shopping cart, below (pic 4) is her fabulous "Water Water" piece.

Our 5th exhibition ran from  12th May through to 29th May 2022 and was an exciting exhibition by local artist Jason Wenzel

A contemporary artist who self describes his work as funky, quirky art, is filled with diverse and colourful themes. His use of assorted medium on canvas, incorporating Acrylic, Oils, Crayons, Past, spray paint and pencils give rise to his unique contemporary style.  Samples of his funky yet adorable works - The Melbourne Cup and One Day in IKEA are pictured below (pics 1 & 2)


Our 6th exhibition ran from 2nd June - 19th June 2022 and showcased the works of the young and amazingly talented local artist Jayda Koludravic.  

Her work is beautifully detailed, colourful and overall extraordinary and was a beautiful exhibition, we can't wait for her next, see a couple of her gorgeous works below, her paintings still available as Giclee prints through the Stan Gallery.  "Blue Slate" (pic 3, an abstract resin) and "Pure Peonies" (pic 4, an acrylic painting).

Our 7th exhibition ran from 23rd June - 10th July 2022 and was another young eclectically talented local artist Ash Bennett.  

Ash commenced with a boxing butterfly collection to then embark into the world of jewellery inspired by mother nature and then moving to her fabulous acrylic paintings on canvas inspired by crystals and her colourful interpretation of them.  Her work is colourful and her menagerie of talent was on full display at The Stan and we continue to carry her work in the gallery.  Samples of her works below (pics 1 & 2).

Our 8th exhibition ran from 15th - 31st July 2022 and was a fabulous joint exhibit by  Anna Havir & John A. Smith.  

Anna Havir is a beautifully talented Printmaker, who embraces both the soft and delicate flavours in her art to the bold and colourful.  Her work is bold, colourful and beautiful.   Her talent was on full display at The Stan and and we have maintained pieces of her work in the curated section of the gallery (pic 3).  

John makes his own paint which he derives from natural minerals and resources, which give rise to his earthy natural work that have to be seen in person to grasp the almost three dimensional affect of his work. (pic 4)

Our 9th exhibition ran from 4th August - 4th September 2022 and was a fabulous exhibit by  Jamie Folan.  

The exhibition, “A Mushroom Mind” was inspired by Jaimie's background in engineering and sheet metal work and a fascination in the mycelium (mushroom) as a harmonious living organism.    His repetitive fine line art is meditative and unique and he has also produced some limited edition prints of his work in black and white.   He has also digitised 5 of his favourite pieces which are available in any colour on re-cycled aluminium and colour on this medium are amazing and dynamic and the gallery has retained a couple for your viewing. (pics 1 & 2)


Our 10th exhibition ran from 8th September - 2nd October 2022 was an amazing selection of painted work by Annette Smeeton.  

The exhibition, called “Menagerie” was a collection  of Annette's work going back years, with her landscapes inspired by the Otway Ranges and seascapes by the Great Ocean Road.   Annette’s work is diverse but truly spectacular and we are fortunate enough to have held on to some of her pieces for our curated section. (pics 3 & 4)

Our 11th exhibition “Chance Encounters” , ran from 6th October  - 23rd October 2022  and was a fabulous joint exhibit by Karen van Cuylenburg and Tony Stone.

The exhibit featured the beautiful and distinctively created collagraphs by two long time artist friends and kindred spirits (Karen and Tony), with their love of nature and unique method of printing.  Karen is primarily a printmaker and her work is inspired by her love of the Hattah National Park in the Mallee (pic 1 .   Tony is a Printmaker, Painter, Drawer and an accomplished potter, in this exhibit we witness his love of birds and the Drummond landscapes in Central Victoria, do come in and have a look. (pic 2)


Our 12th exhibition "From the Heart" ran from 27th October 2022 - 20th November and an amazing exhibit by Gopi Kramadhati.   His skills in Indian Ink, water colour and oils are exquisite, see pic 3 for samples of his oils and pic 4 of his water colours.

His greatest wish is to impart some of what he has learned to others, so in addition to showcasing his work, Gopi also ran 3 fabulous workshops in the various mediums which were fabulous and enjoyed by all, and we hope to see him again next year

Our 13th and final exhibition ran from 24th November - 11th December  and was presented by The Year 11 & 12 Mt Waverley Secondary College Students.   Their work was truly incredible and inspirational and reviewed by regular gallery attendees describing the work as; talented intriguing, powerful and thought provoking.    We can't wait for them to exhibit again in the future.

The Stan Gallery proudly presented  “Saudade” a solo exhibition by “Femestudio” of Instagram fame and excitingly our opening exhibit for 2023.  The exhibition ran from 2nd February 2023 - 19th February 2023.   The beautiful feminine works by the gorgeous and tallented Jess, were exceptionally popular and we can't wait for her to come back again.


The Stan Gallery proudly presented  "Faces and Places," a captivating art exhibit by the incredible artist David J Morrison.  The exhibition ran from 29th June 2023 - 13th August 2023.   His unique vision is brought to life through vibrant brushstrokes and captivating compositions that will leave you mesmerized.

The Stan Gallery presented "Australia," a charming inaugural exhibit by photographer Ken Russo.   The exhibition ran from 8th February 2024 - 3rd March 2024.  The gallery became a stage where passion met professionalism and a testament to the artist's evolution from novice to virtuoso, inviting viewers to embark on a visual journey that captured the essence of life frozen in a frame.